Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I am in Desperate need of an "Epic Room Makeover", from this crazy cute gal Mandi over at Vintage Revivals. So I decided that I needed to create a new blog that wasn't private so I could enter her Epic Room Makeover Giveaway Contest.


So we just moved into this adorable old home in Nebraska.  We are not originally from Nebraska and let me just say it's an adjustment. We've lived here for 3 years while my husband attended Law School, and now that he has a job we are here to stay. But THANK GOODNESS for our new adorable 1920's charmer to help me feel right at home.

We love all of its character.  The little architectural surprises have been fun... and not so fun. We love the built-ins, the staircase, french door, etc... and we "love" not-so-much, how our queen box spring mattress wouldn't fit up the cute staircase we have, so we slept with the mattress on the floor for a whole month... and how even I have to duck to go down the stairs to the basement, and how it was covered, I mean COVERED in spiders and spiderwebs when we moved in. Thank goodness for pest-control and the vacuum!

Okay sorry I kinda dragged that out.

Anyway, we love the architectural details in our home, and we are having fun freshening it all up, BUT there is one specific room that I need serious help with. And I know that Mandi is just what I need.  I love her creativity, her thrifting, and her fresh sense of style.

So here is an idea of what we are living with.

 Love it right? By the way these pictures were taken when we walked through it when it was for sale, not my furniture. and although its super cute and we do like traditional we need that with a fun modern twist.  And that's why I'm totally confident that Mandi is our gal! 

 Love this swing on the screened-in porch, although they didn't leave it...but they did leave the playhouse!!!! Love how it matches the house!

So this is what we need help with.
our Basement.
 So as you can see that wonderful "charm" comes right down to the basement too...except its 1970 panelling charm.  At least its been painted right? Ha, just wish it wasn't this puke green color that looks even worse with the fabulous lighting.

 And we sure have options with the lighting. We have this track light, which definitely helps light up the room, if we plug it in. And why did they put it there? 
Behind my husband's desk there is a built-in, used for storage and a window which is actually filled with insulation, so maybe we can bring some natural light in? It would be nice, but seriously not much, but I'm sure it would help my boys when going down to turn on the lights.
 There is also this other beauty of a built-in. Again, don't understand why its there and what would I do with it? I think it needs to go, or have a Mandiliscious makeover, I'm sure she could make it fabulous somehow.
 Oh, and they were nice enough to leave this other panelling "jem", a movable side table, TV console, etc...
 My Son wanted in on the tour, "What is THIS Mandi?"

 This shows you the opposite wall, all panelling, except for the barn style door that leads to the bathroom and laundry room.
 Which surprisingly has been updated! Now we just are in desperate need of an update in the other room.
And here are the pics. we took during our walk-through, not a true pic. of the room at this time, but wanted to include it as it gives another perspective on our room.

So we have hopes of fixing this room someday, but it's currently at the bottom of the bottom of the list.  I'd love to make it a fun basement hang-out for watching movies, playing,relaxing and getting some work done.  It is definitely the coolest area in our home especially during these humid summer months in Nebraska, and with an old house usually the second story doesn't get cooled by the air conditioner. And I'd LOVE to do this for my husband for all of his hard work these last three years during Law School, supporting a family (that started with one and now two little boys), holding a job, loosing his Dad two weeks before our second son was born, and being the editor-in-chief on the Law Review.  He's been through so much and still done so well in school. I'm so proud of him, and the boys and I would love to show him with your help Mandi.
OH! and P.S. there is kinda another challenge with this room, that I especially need your creativity and help with.  You know how I mentioned that I even have to duck when going down the basement stairs?  Well to get out washer and dryer down the stairs, they are a little more narrow than usual, we had some trouble.

 We had to take the banister off, and have yet to put it back up, you may have noticed it propped against the wall earlier.

 A little bit of molding in the way? oh just pop it up out the way! ...I just tell myself at least I have a washer and dryer in my home, then its all worth it.

But seriously I need a professionals help.


  1. Love your cute home!

  2. Yes, LOVE the house. Good luck. We'll vote for sure!

  3. Holy awesome house Suzanne!! I would love to come and help you update it!! And your son is adorable!!

    Love your guts