Thursday, November 12, 2015

My One Room Challenge, Fall 2015 guest participant sources.

In efforts to make my last post not quite so long, (and because I was exhausted and needed to get to bed) I wanted to post my sources separately.

For this room we already owned most of the items, in fact the only things I bought were:

the trim for the curtains
ikea bitrade bookcases+ tapered wooden legs+ wooden board
paint for the walls, ceiling, trim, and table
gold spray paint
ikea dog tail hooks
Target dollar spot pink storage baskets
DIY Branch Light supplies
and the lamp shade

Everything else we had purchased earlier or had already. Like that RUG! I bought it about a year ago and I still LOVE it. I have followed Caitlin Wilson's blog since before her textile line, now she has pillows, rugs, and furniture. If you haven't discovered her yet, you should check her out. You will fall in love with her products and design. Anyway, I was lucky enough to snatch up this rug when they were having their floor sample sales. It was probably used at trade shows, It had some stains, Thank you Allison Bundy for letting me borrow your carpet cleaner, but I had been wanting it for so long and I couldn't pass up the price.

Oh and I can't forget this light fixture, thank you Jenny Komenda for your brilliance and 
you DIY's!!!
The crib we bought 8 years ago at Baby USA, I think. The whole thing was the brown then. When I was pregnant with my daughter we talked about painting the rails white, but didn't get to it until she was already 6 months old. So thankfully that project was already done.  The mobile is actually a wind chime made out of wood and gourds that has been painted with really great colors. I have always loved it, it belonged to my Grandma and when she passed away last fall and no one had claimed it, I was so thankful that that meant I could have it, and I  knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

The water color painting of the quaking aspens above the crib was also hers, I believe she painted it out at our family cabin in Fish Lake. I love it there and miss it so so much.

 The lamp is vintage you can read more about it here, and I bought the Henredon dresser from the Good Will a few years ago, I was over the moon excited about it. I bought it for $59!!!! It was in sad shape when I brought it home but it cleaned up really nicely, and I LOVE it. I love the hardware and how it has a Moroccan feel that works wonderfully with the mid century modern style of the dresser. And works great with my lamp and curtains.

You can find out more on the message board here. The vintage letter playing cards we picked up at a local antique store back in June.

This table and chairs was in my before shot, though it was hard to see, but we picked it up at the big neighborhood garage sale this year. You can read more about how I painted and waxed it here. The mirror is vintage, found it at the Salvation Army 3 years ago. The three little pictures are from my bedroom when I was little. I asked my Mom if she still had them and she did! She said I could use them in my daughter's room and I was so happy, does this mean i'm borrowing them...? Or can I keep them now?

My daughter loves pointing out the "doggy's" and "babies" in the pictures, I love seeing her LOVING her room.

This garden stool was a $30 purchase at TJ Maxx 2 years ago, you guys you can find them so cheap now. And I thought I was getting a steal back then. The faux sheepskin rug was from Home Goods I got it back in June too, The bentwood rocker was a hand-me-down gift from my husband's grandparents when we got married 10 years ago (What?!). We had one just like it growing up so I was pretty happy we got it. Some people love them and others hate them, But I have always loved it, and its exciting to see that its now gaining popularity again.

You can read more about the curtains here, I'm so happy they turned out. I want to do a post soon showing what I did to make them. I had to come up with a way to hide the fact that I was adding 7 inches of length to my original curtains, they came with the house, and I was using fabric that I trimmed off of other curtains that were too long... all in the name of saving money.

These bookcases are full of things we already owned, minus the pink toy bins. Target dollar spot for the win on those! and the felt basket on the floor is a Target purchase too, but its a few years old now I think. What I love most about these bookshelves is that they are high so I can put things up that babies or kids shouldn't touch so they can be looked at and then put the things they can touch and play with down low, plus with the extra height from the legs I put on I can slide bigger toys or baskets underneath it. LOVE it!

The bunny water color was actually given to my Mom, but was painted by a friend of my Grandma's, sorry I said that wrong in my room reveal post. My Mom then framed it and had it on my bedroom wall when i was little.

I also love the music box up in the top right, its a little girl riding a rocking horse, when it plays music she rocks back and forth. This was another treasure I got from my Grandma. You see all of us kids have fond memories of going to visit her and admiring all of her music boxes. She had so many and they were all so unique. I remember this one and I'm so happy I got to choose one to keep that reminds me of her and those visits. IT plays "It's a Small World After All"

On the bookcase above I put her "bunny bank", silver from target, by her baby book. I also have a few books that I loved growing up on there, and my old lamb rattle, actually I think all of us kids might have used it, but I have it for now :)  The big globe we got for free, someone wanted to throw it in our garbage because the broke it, but I was not about to let that happen, And really who throws away a globe these days :) Plus it was a really quick fix. Oh and the gold Moroccan lanterns were a Christmas buy at Ikea last winter, they are my little girl's night lights.

 Now this brings me to the end, if there is anything I missed that you have more questions about please ask,  I found these pictures last minute on Pinterest here and here.

Thanks for stopping in and please come again.

One Room Challenge, week 6 :The FINISH Line

Yep, I made it to the "Finish Line", and I definitely couldn't have done it without the help of my Husband who worked late into the night with me getting everything assembled and hung Tuesday.   Unfortunately right when I thought we were right on schedule my bookcase Bitrade Ikea hack was throwing curve balls and messed up everything, but we pushed through and got it figured out. Thank goodness!

I also had some help from friends who helped me with my kiddos! Thank you Sarah and Fanny!

So without further ado, here is the room reveal:

OH, but first to remind you, here is the room BEFORE my One Room Challenge Fall 2015 refresh.

And the AFTER:

Now here comes my disclaimer, Stormy weather does not make for the best pictures, well that and an inexperienced photographer. I'm working on it though :) Actually I had to lighten up these pictures quite a bit, but I do think I got them to the point where it isn't too dark, of course, and that it looks more true to color.  Also you will see some of these pictures were taken with the light on in the room and some without. When the walls look more pink, that is the light fixture, when it is more purple that is the "sun light". And I still Love this wall color! Especially because it changes with the lighting.

Okay so thanks for listening, that made me feel better, you? Well here are some more detailed shots.

 A lot of things in this room were from my room when I was a baby or were passed down to me from my Grandma who recently passed away. I have always planned to put them in my Daughter's room so this was really fun for me to see it all come together. And it feels so right, I love it. Hopefully you like it too.
 I will do a more detailed post with sources and also to point out what treasures I was talking about tomorrow, so please come back then too, like that bunny watercolor that my Mother's friend painted for here that used to hang in my bedroom when I was a little girl.
 Here is my Ikea Hack! I've always wanted to do one, since you see so many these days, hopefully this is one you haven't seen before. There will be a separate post on all of the details, but basically this is a Bitrade bookcase with tapered mid century modern legs attached to add height and style. Easy, but SO effective, I am so happy with how it turned out.

Here are the Moroccan Wedding Blanket inspired curtains, I think i'll do a separate post on these too.

 Also I really do apologize for some of these images looking blurry, I'm itching to replace them as soon as we have sunshine again. "styling two bookcases took way longer than I thought, this one is my favorite, it actually came together quite fast, I struggled with the other one, mostly because of all of the brightly colored children's books and the things I wanted to keep in the room, after all these are my daughter's things and I wanted a place for them, and now I have it. I just need to try not to be bothered with making it picture perfect.

Love this brightly colored fish mobile/chime, and so does our little girl.

 Also you may notice in my pictures I moved a few things around. I ultimately have both the little window bench and the bentwood rocker, it looks a little crowded but we like and need the extra seating so I think they'll stay.

 And here is a shot of the DIY branch light fixture on, we are all in love with! ...even the boys in this house.

And this is the end. Hope you liked the room refresh. Please let me know what you liked the best, i'd love to hear feed back. Especially this is really my first "room makeover". I had so much fun, stressed a little too, but I couldn't me more happy with the result.  Well, no, once I finish a few things I didn't have time to accomplish, like the room shades and painting the doors i'll be much happier!

Oh and just for kicks here is my mood board for the room:

Also if you'd like to check out the previous weeks, here are the links:
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And if you have time to burn go check out all of the room transformations over at Calling it Home


I just had to snap a few new pictures since the sun came out today so if you aren't tired of looking at them here are a few more, yeah I know, I kinda have a picture posting problem, always too many. Maybe I 'll go through and change out some but right now I'm off to pick up my son from school.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

One Room Challenge, week 5

Week 5?!! What?!!! I have one more week to get this room done and I am so far behind.

However, if I can stay on task, which sometimes seems impossible with my 3 kiddos, I think I just might pull it off.

So in case if you are just checking in on me for the first time here are weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4 of this One Room Challenge, Fall 2015 that Linda, at Calling it Home is hosting, if you want to check out where I started with this room.

I have to admit I was a little unrealistic about what I thought i'd be able to accomplish during week 5. But I was able to get one thing done that I didn't anticipate. I painted the little table and chairs that I had in her room before. I picked it up at a yard sale this summer and it was a little beat up. Unfortunately I don't have the best pictures.  But you can see it in this before picture (hiding back by the window) and in the following picture after just 1 coat of paint.

I used Air Blue BEHR paint, sorry its hard to really see the color in the photo above.  And I mixed b.b.frosch chalk paint powder into the paint. I love that it makes painting so much easier, no sanding needed, and it drys very quickly so you can get started on the second coat as soon as you finish the first.  I also love the finishing wax, it gives the paint a really professional look and feel. There are now a lot of different chalk paints on the market, but this one I've tried and really been happy with.

Another thing I was really happy to get done this week was my DIY branch light from Little Green Notebook. I followed her tutorial and it was so easy, and fun to play around with until i got it just how I wanted. I was hoping to have it installed so you could see it, but that was something I wanted my husband to help me with and he's had a busy work week so sorry you'll just have to wait for the reveal.

 If you follow me on Instagram and saw this picture I shared now you'll know what it is supposed to look like.

 I bought Rustoleum's metallic gold universal spray paint, I was REALLY happy with how well it went on, very easy to use too, but It didn't have quite the shine I wanted so i finished it off with a pretty thin layer of Krylon's Gold Leaf spray paint that I had from Halloween, my son wanted a gold sword, I just picked it up from our local craft store.
 That combination gave me this finish that i'm much happier with, hopefully I'll still like it when its all lit up.

Another thing I didn't quite finish was the curtains.  I got the rods painted. I bought THE cheapest rods ever from Ikea last year and i'm just now finally getting them up on the wall. Unfortunately the length doesn't adjust, but for that price you can't be too picky.

So because I'm trying to save money i'm using the original curtains but now they are too short so i have to add some length to them. Because of this I've been really trying to come up with something fun I could do that would disguise the fact that i'm doing that.

Que the inspiration:

Moroccan wedding blankets  (if you click on that link it will tell you some really cool things about them)



There are even DIY's already out there, this one here may be the best/ my favorite anyway.


But I haven't seen any curtains, which was baffling to me, and exciting!!! Hopefully I won't totally botch this idea though. I've only been playing around with trims (of course only the cheap ones, or else I'm pretty confident I could nail this if I had the moolah) I'm just going for something that is simple, budget friendly, disguises my curtain pieced together, and looks sparkly and chic. And it will be fun to add some texture to the room. It will not be on the entire curtain, just the lower third maybe... Still working it all out as you can see.

 I'm also trying to nail down the what pattern I want to do. Will this even go with the look i'm going for?!!! I feel like my mind isn't completely working these days.

Please cross your fingers that this doesn't end up looking like my first sewing project. 

...and that I'll be able to get this room done how I want it by next week.