Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Floral Message Board - DONE!

 This is about where I left off in my last post. I got the fabric glued on by just using some old fabric glue I haven't used for almost 7 years, still worked like a charm! Although it was pretty potent so I only could work on this during nap time, if my older boys let me, and after bedtime. Oh the mommy project schedule is NEVER predictable.

 This is the Better Homes and Garden's magazine that I've had on my shelf for years because of this picture, its great huh?! I wanted to do this trellis pattern on my own, but after I chose this fabric and my ribbon I decided I'd better do something more simple.

 So for ribbon choices I picked up this darker purple that matched the fabric perfectly, but It looked too grown up to go in my daughter's room, she is 15 months old.

 Then there was this lilac ribbon that was a little thicker that I thought helped bring the age down on this piece even though it didn't match the best it coordinated.
And then last was this thin imitation leather cording that was flat. I already had this on hand and when I remembered it I thought for sure I'd use it, but then when I pulled it out and tried to visualize it, I felt it would again be too sophisticated for her, this would be a much better choice if it was my own message board.  But really, I LOVED the idea, it was subtle yet had an unexpected gleam and is totally on trend right now. Maybe for a later project...

 So after I decided on my ribbon and the pattern I wanted, I got started.
I have been wanting these Deco Pillows for a few years from Caitlin Wilson. You guys if you don't follow her already you should, I have just LOVED every thing she does.
 After I got all of my ribbon pieces measured and cut, really I just eye-balled mostly, so its not perfect, I started placing them to form the pattern.  I used my pins from my sewing stash to just hold everything in place so then I could go back and lift sections to glue without ruining all of my hard work. 
 This is the whole thing pinned into place. I loved it, and can you believe that teeny bit of ribbon left on top of the ribbon spool in the bottom picture? PERFECT measuring people!...yeah right, total chance AND what a blessing that I didn't run out!!!!  
 So here it is all done. And as soon as we get it actually on the wall in her room I will share pictures.

We are using it already though, just propping it against the wall on her dresser next to her changing pad, and she LOVES it. I really didn't realize how much she'd enjoy pointing too, and talking about the people in the pictures. So happy I finally did it.

So what do you think? Over the top? Too busy? Or just right? My husband, I think, is being really nice when he tells me he likes it, especially because if it was going in our room I'm sure he'd change his tune.

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