Friday, July 10, 2015

the desk is done!

And I'm so happy with how its turned out.

After I finished painting I was ready to put the wax on. I wasn't sure how to apply the wax with the bbfrosch brush so I called Whipperberry, she sells the bbfrosch chalk paint powder and teaches work shops which I still want to take. She also was SUPER sweet and totally talked me through it. And I'm so happy she did because it all worked out just like she said it would.
 She just told me to apply the wax with your brush in about a 12x12 area, then wipe the wax off with a lint free rag, microfiber worked for me. Then when you are done, you go back and buff it a little, or a lot for a more shinier finish. That part was my favorite. And just like they say, the Wax finish MAKES the piece come to life. The pictures don't really show that unfortunately, maybe because of the color I chose to paint it, but the look in person and the feel is much more professional.
 Then it was onto the jewelry! The hardware before would've looked great, I think, on this desk. However I wanted something more current that still was true to its style. So I went with these really pretty knobs and drawer pulls from Hobby Lobby.
Here are the old and the new. I decided to make things easier by creating a quick paper template for the drawer fronts, that would speed up the process of putting the hardware on.

Well folks, it didn't really.  Actually if the drawer pulls would've been consistently spaced it would have. But they were just a little off here, and there. Which translates into 2 days trying to get this hardware on!

 I first started with a smaller drill bit just to be safe, then I moved up, then when I realized that the hole on the pulls didn't all match up to my template, the one I measured did :) then I had to try to widen each hole by wiggling my drill side to side. Sometimes I only had to do that on one side, sometimes both, it was just super annoying.  So lesson learned, next time if I make a template measure each drawer pull to make sure it will work.

 The first one went on so fast, the others took forever... but I got it done!
 And it feels so good now to see it done!!!
 So last night my wonderful husband helped me move the desk over to its new home, for now anyway, and then I could get our dinning room back to normal too. I was ready for that.
 So I was tired of it looking so empty so I grabbed a lot of our books and some of my milk glass and now it looks like its always been there.
 I also wanted to show you how the one side has a deeper drawer, I thought that was fun, and the boys think its pretty cool too.
 Then I remembered that our yard was overflowing with cone flowers so I switched it up a little. Fresh flowers are so rare in our house, I can't believe I didn't think of doing this sooner!
So what do you think?

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  1. Love it! It looks so so so good! You are awesome!