Wednesday, May 10, 2017

One Room Challenge: Home Office week 6

It's here, week 6, which means we are supposed to be done and revealing our finished space. And thank goodness I finished... just barely.

Just for fun here is how it looked just 6 short weeks ago:

and here it is now!

Don't you love it?!!!

I'm sure I'll do some fine tuning on those long shelves, but for now I'm happy with it and  I just love how much better the room looks and feels.  Actually we all love it, the kids have been so sweet and complimentary and they have even been bringing home art projects and saying, "lets put it in the new room" which I love, because now I know they don't hate that we poured so much time and energy into this room, but they are also proud to have it and use it too.

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Lets get back to pictures, I know that's why you are here. :)

Here is the view from the front door

I wish I could've also included the entryway in this challenge because it is basically part of this room, but thankfully most of what we have in here will stay so I was able to coordinate the two spaces so that they feel like one.

And this shiplap ceiling was by far the project that took the most time, but was SO worth it, right?

The shelving wasn't a fast project either, but thankfully we got those up pretty quick. I'll tell you more about that later - this was supposed to be a quick reveal and then I was going to get some much needed sleep, but I can't help but explain these photos.

Thankfully at the last minute, before my sunlight was gone, I was able to finally get my artwork in the frames. (I've learned my lesson) But maybe you hadn't noticed :) sources to come on those too.

And there it is, our Home Office.

Even though the last 6 weeks were CRAZY busy, especially the last 3, it was definitely worth it... However I will never do the ORC with a 4 month old baby again, not saying that opportunity may come, but if it does I hope I remember to think twice, haha. Trying to keep a napping schedule when all your baby wants to do is cat nap and nurse made timing a whole lot harder.
But I'm so happy the home office is actually finished. It's so beautiful and cozy, and we all want to spend time in there, even the cat has been in there all day.

So thank you Linda at Calling It Home for hosting this awesome blogger event and challenge. And House Beautiful  for being a media partner.

And I can't wait to catch up, and you can too, with all of the other guest participants and their finished spaces. And if you didn't catch the 20 featured designers you should, so inspiring you guys!

And thank you for stopping by and supporting me through all of this. It's great to hear feedback and get great ideas from you, and please please come back soon especially if you are interested in any sources from my One Room Challenge, or follow me here to know when they are posted.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

One Room Challenge: Home Office week 5

Welcome back for week 5 of the One Room Challenge. Where Linda, from Calling it Home is hosting a challenge where invited participants and guest participants, like myself, have 6 weeks to finish a room.
 I have chosen to make over our home office in hopes that my husband will want to work from home a little more often and so that we can portray an improved first impression for our friends and family that come to visit.

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So this is pretty much it, next Thursday the room will be DONE! Actually I'm not really sure if it will be ... I am still so far behind. We got a lot done this last week, but not as much as I think I should have had done by now.

I made a LOT of trips to Home Depot and tried to always go after I dropped my kindergartener off so I only had 2 kids with me. My 3 year old was usually good and then would have a tantrum at some point while at the store, then she'd recover just in time for us to check out and race back to pick up the older 2 from school.

Here she is next to some lumber I got for our wall to wall shelves, clearly not happy with having to go back so soon.

Then the next day she was MUCH better and even got popcorn (Thank You Nice old man at Home Depot) and she clearly wore herself out,  she fell asleep with sunglasses on.

So back to progress for this week.

The ceiling! oh man you guys this ceiling, I definitely underestimated how long this ceiling would take. Actually I'm sure a regular person without a ton of distractions might finish really fast - but  that's not us.

We got the rest of the bender board up and in the  raised part of the ceiling, and then on the sides of that part as well, after a trip to the hardware store, unfortunately I miscalculated by a few boards so we had to get more, and I was not about to paint those first, in the interest of time we just put them up.

Then I spent all of Monday spackling, and then sanding the thousands of nail holes.

And then painting.

Hopefully that will be the last coat, besides the trim.
Once my husband got home from work we were able to put the light fixture up.

Then I was able to finish painting the perimeter of the ceiling with better lighting. And doesn't the light look great?! I decided not to paint any of it gold, mostly out of fear that I might ruin it and it would look like an obvious DIY, which we don't want.  However if it doesn't work in the room It will be easy to take down and then paint.

That night we also figured out placement for our shelves, notice all of the green painter's tape on the wall marking our studs. The picture below should give you an idea of how the wall to wall shelves will look.

So excited about these. We also got the trim on the base of the recessed area, and then the next day was spent on trimming out the inside, which was not as successful. 

Just envision me going up the ladder, measuring, down the ladder to talk to the fussy baby, going up the ladder to measure again, down the ladder to give the binky, then cut the molding - figuring out angles is not my strong suit either, then back up and down and binky back in and out and feeding the baby, helping the older littles, etc...

I'm sure I don't need to spell I out for you momma's out there working on your own projects and rooms. Lets just say that Wednesday was the most busy day with the least amount of reward. :(

But that 4 month old baby is pretty cute to be fussing over.

And that's about it for this crazy week, except I did get  a little shopping in. Now I just need to choose which frames I like more for the wall that WAS going to have board and batten, most likely will happen after the challenge - unless things really start going my way.

 Loving the detail on the gray frames but love the size of the black rolled edge frames. I know these pictures doesn't give you the best representation of these frames, but any thoughts?

Thanks again for stopping by and please come back next week for the big reveal to see how our home office turns out. Also if you want any sneak peaks you can check in on Instagram.