Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Home Office One Room Challenge Spring 2017

Week 1

Okay we (my husband is helping this time) just decided to jump in and do the One Room Challenge!

I did the ORC back in the fall of 2015 (click to see that here) and it was a lot of work but definitely worth it. Unfortunately though we unexpectedly moved by Christmas that year and then lived with my parents while we looked for a new home in an entirely new state. Still miss our house... seriously! But after looking and failing to get the ones we liked, the housing market is crazy guys, we decided to build. Thankfully my parents are awesome and completely supported our decision to build and didn't mind keeping all of us around much longer.

We moved into our new home, the NEW anderson estate, just before school started last year and pretty much our whole house is still a work in progress. I was pregnant with our 4th child when we moved in and dreamed of how each space would look but had no intentions of really putting forth much effort to get it there, not to mention funds aren't unlimited :) Then we had our adorable little babe in December before Christmas and I'm just now feeling like I can do regular things again, or can I?!

The struggle is real over here, my house is a reoccurring mess, but I feel more like myself and ready to tackle the boxes in the basement that never got unpacked and get some function and style into this house. Because without that the messes are just worse, WAY worse.

So we decided to start with the first room you see when you enter the house, our home office.

This room is really more for my husband, my 3 year old daughter even calls it his "work", because he spends the most time in hear and can occasionally work from home, but we'd like it to function for all of us. Also since it is the first room you see when you enter the house we'd love for it to finally be done and make sense. Right now when people enter our house and stand in the entryway they get a full view of the awkwardness we have in there, especially since we aren't even sure yet what we are doing in there.

These pictures were taken about a month before we moved in. I thought I had the finished product pictures on here but I don't,so sorry. This is what happens when you decide last minute to join the ORC. Ha. I'll get them up soon. And I'll wait to give you the description then.

And because we do have one room in this house that I feel is pretty close to being done, I'll share that with you. Also so you have something more exciting to look at other than construction photos, unless that is your jam and then you can just scroll past it.
the kitchen

 Also if you are on Instagram and would like to catch any sneak peaks before the weekly updates you can find me here. Which speaking of updates, thank you Linda at Calling it Home who created the One Room Challenge, you can go check out all of the participants on her website here. Every Thursday all of the participants, including myself, will post a new update until the end of the six week challenge.  So yes, we have six weeks to get this office done, wish us luck!

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