Thursday, April 13, 2017

One Room Challenge: Home Office week 2

 Welcome back for week 2 of the One Room Challenge, hosted by Linda, at Calling it Home.
In case if you missed it, you can read about week 1 here, just some before pictures from construction.

Also if you don't know what this is all about, then here is the low down: Basically you have 6 weeks to complete a room, you have to post updates each week so it helps you stay on track plus you get so much support and encouragement from all of the other participants and family and friends. Also you get a beautiful room at the end! Its crazy fun! and completely worth it.

So here we are already at week 2. this last week basically consisted of me scouring stores and the internet for items that I could fit into my budget for this room so I could come up with my game plan. AND enjoying a week long spring break with the kiddos. Oh! and dying from allergies. I can't wait to feel normal again.

So unfortunately I don't have any progress shots yet, since there isn't any VISIBLE progress in the room. But I do have actual pictures of the room this time.

Our home office is actually what they call the "flex" room on your builder plans, basically a room that can be whatever you want :) We knew from day one that it was going to be my husbands office since he can work from home, on occasions, wish it was more often... But I didn't realize how small the room was actually going to be until the day we moved in.

Mostly because of THE DESK that we have owned and lugged around everywhere we have gone since we were married. Its a big desk. BIG! and heavy too, I know more than a handful of strong guys, hopefully still our friends, who have helped move it too.

Anyway it takes up most of the room, and yet I want to keep it. But then when I think of how just 6 more inches of room would really help benefit that seating area, etc... then I don't want to keep it. I've been thinking about this all week. And its not that we just like the desk, it has sentimental value too, like it is an exact copy of my husband's Dad's desk who passed away 6 years ago and we all have memories of seeing him at his desk studying. So its been hard. Help me you guys!!!!

 I have two mood boards I've been putting together to hopefully help me and my husband make a decision. The plan was to have decided by now on which one, but I need your help. Please weigh in down at the comments or on my Instagram account.

 Basically you can see how this room needs some love, I don't hate it, in fact I think i'll keep a lot of what we have already going on in there since we just moved in and have mostly intentionally put those things there, but It needs much much more.  And it's basically the first impression you have of our home when you come in, so it would be nice to have it work and work with the rest of the home, or vision we have for our home, since nothing is really finished yet here.

Seriously not a big room.

Here are my mood boards:

Option 1

Option 2:

The plan is to do a white shiplap ceiling with fun light fixture that coordinates with the others we have replaced in our home so far.

Floor to ceiling white board and batten on the wall opposite the windows, and with current floor plan behind the desk. Also we have yet to decide on the artwork that will also go on that wall.

Floating wooden shelves that will span the entire wall on the wall across from the entryway, that is perpendicular to the window wall. We need the storage and I think it will be a cool focal point for the room, maybe distract from the big desk?

A new rug that will fit the room better than our current folded 8x10 that is clearly too big for the space.

And besides all of the fun accessories that will finish the room off, I'm thinking of painting the wall with the shelves a dark dark blue. At first I wanted to do the whole room but my husband is not on board yet, don't you just LOVE the dark moody blues blacks and greens that have been all over the internet these days?



Oh, and I'm hoping to keep the chair and curtains.

So that's the plan for now, but please help me on my desk dilemma!!! We've found plenty of beautiful expensive desks but can't justify paying too much for a replacement when we already have one we could use, so for the size and price this one will possible be the new desk we go with... if we go with a smaller desk.

And stay tuned for sneak peaks on my Instagram account and come back next Thursday for more progress.

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