Thursday, April 27, 2017

One Room Challenge: Home Office week 4

Welcome back for week 4 of the One Room Challenge. Where Linda, from Calling it Home is hosting a challenge where invited participants and guest participants, like myself, have 6 weeks to finish a room.
 I have chosen to make over our home office in hopes that my husband will want to work from home a little more often and so that we can portray an improved first impression for our guests.

If you need to catch up on my previous weeks you can here:

Unfortunately this last week I did not accomplish as much as I had hoped and I now feel completely behind.

Let me fill you in.

I did buy a few more Important pieces for the room. We finally decided on an office chair, hopefully when it gets here I'll still feel good about my decision.

I also picked up this light from Target. I debated on getting the Ebony version, but ultimately we decided on the Brass because of how it would look with the dark wall, and when we brought it home we loved it. Ever since I saw this light last year I wanted it for our piano, but I think this might be a better place for now :)

The Chandelier also arrived, yay! I love it!

We decided on this one because we thought the price point was perfect and it would still coordinate with the other lights we've replaced in our new home thus far.

The original plan was to paint the center ball, the top plate that covers the light box, and the sockets? (man who knew I'd need to know the anatomy of a light fixture for this post) a bright brass to match the lamp, and to help coordinate with the chandelier in our dining room/kitchen. The picture below might help you visualize what that would look like with the two metals next to each other.  Now that it has arrived I'm starting to wonder if I really should, does it really need it? Will I ruin it? You know, the usual doubts you have when you might have "cold feet".

What do you think?
(thanks again for your sweet comments from last week's post!!! Its so fun getting feedback)

Next, we got started on the shiplap ceiling and purchased the wood and supplies for the wall to wall shelving. Cross your fingers for me that we can get that done by Saturday night.

We decided to go with a thinner and more affordable version of shiplap, also we wanted to echo the little bit we have in our home on our fireplace. It is about 4 inches wide.

The product we ultimately bought is called bender board. Its a little more than buying plywood sheets and ripping them down to size, its $2.75 a board, but it also is ready to use. Where with plywood you have to cut the boards first, and sand them before you can use them. We also liked that the bender board was 1/4" thick and just under 4" wide, the size we needed.

So on Saturday we finally were able to go together to the hardware store ... and with the kids, not ideal, but it was the only way, plus WAY better than going by myself with the kids. :)

The boys liked helping with counting and stacking the boards and also "surfing" on the cart.

 After soccer games and feeding the big kids and the baby I hoped to get a lot done, however I was only able to get one coat of our Peterson's Whitest White on the boards, and that was with help from the kids and my husband.

But by that night 2 coats were on about half the boards.
Then pretty much all Monday and Tuesday I bounced back and forth from taking care of my 4 children and painting more coats on the boards. And the weather definitely didn't help my drying time.

 Tuesday we were finally ready to start getting them onto the ceiling, however we were beat and it was too late so that's all we got done, but it definitely got us excited!
My husband even came home a little early from work, like 30 minutes (Woot Woot- I'll take what I can get) to help get it up by Wednesday night.

 And look how good it looks!
Now it isn't even close to being done, and yes we will do the sides and interior of the raised ceiling, but between the ...6 of us, that's all we were able to get done today.
But Its looking so much better already and I can't wait until we can finish it up tomorrow, or the next day... considering our track record :)

Wish me luck , and please come back and check in next week to see our progress, and you can follow me on my Instagram account here, to see any updates.


  1. Suzanne you are so gifted and talented! I love everything you've done so far!

  2. I love the light fixtures! And I've been hearing a lot about bender board lately. We used tongue and groove planks, but this sounds way easier!

  3. Looks lovely! What a great team you all make!

  4. It's looking really good so far, and I completely understand about the cold feet with the light fixture. Maybe you can hold it up and see how it looks on the ceiling? Good luck!