Thursday, August 20, 2015

Faux Fur Footstool

My next project, became this Faux Fur Footstool.

Here is the before, in case if you missed it.
More than a year ago I bought this faux sheepskin rug that I put in my daughters nursery in front of her crib, I loved it there, but secretly I also wanted to put it on this footstool. Now after I've seen them everywhere on the web I decided I was going to do it. And we got her a replacement rug too. :)
So I got busy pulling it apart and now we know that this little footstool is now on its 4th life.

One fun part, and gross part, of  reupholstering a piece of furniture is that when you are taking it apart, you get to peel off the layers of its life... if you are lucky :) A lot of people will just put their new fabric on top of the old. So this little guy had 3 different fabrics. But we'll go in reverse order, because that's the way I discovered it.

First the 70's green:

Then this brick red dazzler:

And then the original, needlepoint:

I think it also had trim going around the perimeter because there were rusty tacks all of the way around.
I'm not sure how old this piece was, but this fabric was pretty old and deteriorating, I gave it a good cleaning and then got started recovering.
Now normally I'd take this and the original padding off, but because the padding inside was still good, can you believe it? I was just going to add a little more. And I was so tired of pulling out little rusty tacks. This little stool that I thought would be so simple to recover took a while to take apart.

 So last night before dinner I was able to do a quick restore on the wooden legs.

 This is a before and after of just the Restore-a-Finish.  After that's dry then you finish it off with the Feed-N-Wax. This is also what I did with the oak chair I recently redid. You can see it here.
This morning it was ready to finally recover. And I actually had some time to do it.

Is anyone else EXHAUSTED from school starting? This year I have 2 in school, but one gets out earlier so my schedule has drastically changed.

After placing the batting that I used for my extra padding on the stool I flipped it upside down onto the back of my fabric that I was reupholstering, which was actually a rug that used to be in my daughters room in front of her crib.
 Then I got my tools ready.
 So with faux fur I've heard that if you cut it, it will just fall apart and continue too. So instead of cutting you have to rip it. Well because it was a rug I hoped it would be different, and thankfully after my "test" cut above, I knew I'd be fine.

 If you are thinking of doing this the faux fur is actually really forgiving.  I hardly used half as many tacks as I usually do for something this size and you really don't have to worry about if everything looks smooth and is pulled just right, you just go for what feels and looks right. Plus the tacks become pretty much invisible once the fur covers them.
 It's ALIVE!

 This was after I secured all four of the sides, before I did around the legs. Which is the only tricky thing about this upholstery project.
 You will want to do some cutting to get rid of the extra bulk, and even though I could cut my fabric, after making a cut you need to make sure and pull off any of the extra fluff that is hanging on at the spot where you cut. But that's all of the "falling apart" that it does.
 Then you just play around with it, making sure to still hold it tight so your corners wont be baggy, until you get it how you like and then secure it with a tack.
You can see my tack here.

 And then here you can't! Like I said, most forgiving fabric I've ever reupholstered with.
 Here is my first finished corner.

And here is the bottom all done. And please don't mind my little helper. You gotta do what you gotta do to get anything done right?!

 And sometimes that's letting her control the music on my phone and letting her hand me the tacks. Thankfully they aren't too sharp. By the way you could definitely use a staple gun for this project but I think the tacks are much easier to hide and are more flexible if you want to change anything you've done.
 And playing peek-a-boo a million times under the table.

And then we were done! And ready to race off to the school to pick up her brother.

So what do you think? Too crazy? Look too much like a Halloween costume? Or is it Tres Chic?
To be honest now that its done I'm not sure how I feel. I love the texture it brings and the look, but I'm a little nervous of how it will "wear".

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Neighborhood garage sale

I wish I had taken pictures of everything we scored this year at our annual neighborhood garage sale.

But I did take a picture of the $2 pouf that I got!


 It has a little damage on the bottom, but if it falls apart eventually I have the insert which I'm sure would cost a lot more than $2 if I was making one of my own. So $2 was a NO BRAINER for me. And I loved it the moment I saw it.

Our other finds, which I'll show you later, were an octagon rattan side table for $7, LOVE this one too. And an old cedar chest my husband eyed that will also double as a "window" seat and much needed extra storage in our bedroom for $30.  I also got a new table and chairs for my little girl's room. The one we've been using in her room is not my favorite and I've been planning on painting it and then selling it as soon as I found a better replacement. Well I think I found it.

The little chairs are what I really love about this set. Unfortunately I couldn't get the seller to go down much on this one, I paid $20. But I still feel like it was worth it. Much more character and LOVE than what $20 would get me from Ikea. And its all wood :)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

My next project


This was my first foot stool that I purchased. It was $5 at an estate sale pretty much around the corner from our house. And I bought it before we even owned this house, so yeah, its definitely TIME to make it over. I look at this and think "Why, oh why, have I not done this yet?!"

So today I took pics of it to show you guys and because this week has been, and will continue to be, so so busy I had to restrain myself from ripping that lovely green fabric OFF. Ughhh, it will be nice to say goodbye to that.

 I have always loved the little detail of the curved corners.
 This is a SOLID stool, and its pretty heavy too. And pretty old, who knows actually. I always try to ask the history on a piece when I'm buying it, but with this one they didn't know, except that for as long as they remembered their grandma, she always had it and used it. So now its time to get this little thing USED again.
 Actually it is occasionally used.
 When its not hiding beneath the MCM chair I reupholstered once. :) Actually I love that it fits just underneath it. Its great for when its not in use and our room doesn't allow for much room in this corner, so its nice to be able to tuck it away sometimes.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


So I meant to get a good picture of the desk and chair together, but I decided to sell it, so I cleared it all off and then I took my pics. for Craigslist. Sorry guys, dumb of me I know, I clearly wasn't thinking. But this was so exciting for me, my first real "sale" and I made a little $ to put into my next project!

I'm SO happy it went to a WONDERFUL home, for twin girls just starting middle school :) , but then I have to be honest, as soon as it was gone I was missing it BIG time.  And I really really turned out loving that chair.

Thankfully I have another desk out in the garage that I am so excited about. And I will show you soon.  Because of school starting this week, why is it so exhausting to prepare for this?...and family stopping in this weekend I haven't got any time for the projects I wanted to tackle this week. So it may be quiet around here for a little bit, just a heads up. But hopefully i'll be able to do a smaller project. Wish me luck, cross those fingers, and don't expect too much... ha ha.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Estate Sale and Consignment Shopping

This last weekend we went shopping.  The whole gang! So it wasn't exactly the best shopping, but I still had a lot of fun and my husband and kiddos were sweet enough to take me.

Actually my boys usually like going to the estate sales because there are usually some old toys that are pretty cheap so they know they might get an old board game or matchbox car out of it.  This time though because my garage is full of projects it was really just for fun or for small items only.

But of coarse I found some bigger items I wanted.
 Like this beautiful black lacquered chinoiserie chair!!!! I would change the seat cushion for sure, maybe paint it, but the black looks great if it works with your decor. I've been dreaming of this chair ever since I saw it, because yes... I didn't buy it. Once I refinish my campaign desk it would be perfect with it too.

Here are some images to show you what I mean.




And this beat up beauty, (needed a LOT of work, trust me) I haven't stopped thinking of it either.

I just shouldn't have looked at all, Now they are just haunting me, Maybe they'll still be there when I feel like I can spend more money on furniture?... HOPEFULLY.

I did get a few fun things though that I was excited about. A Fenton hobnail milk glass sugar dish, a globe for the boys that also lights up, and a big old brass lamp that right now is going in my daughter's room and needs an updated shade.

Her room is a work in progress, but here is a picture, plus you can see how we are using the message board so far.

I have so many plans for it and I even bought my paint but we haven't had the time to paint it yet. Hopefully soon, because family is coming to visit soon.