Tuesday, August 11, 2015


So I meant to get a good picture of the desk and chair together, but I decided to sell it, so I cleared it all off and then I took my pics. for Craigslist. Sorry guys, dumb of me I know, I clearly wasn't thinking. But this was so exciting for me, my first real "sale" and I made a little $ to put into my next project!

I'm SO happy it went to a WONDERFUL home, for twin girls just starting middle school :) , but then I have to be honest, as soon as it was gone I was missing it BIG time.  And I really really turned out loving that chair.

Thankfully I have another desk out in the garage that I am so excited about. And I will show you soon.  Because of school starting this week, why is it so exhausting to prepare for this?...and family stopping in this weekend I haven't got any time for the projects I wanted to tackle this week. So it may be quiet around here for a little bit, just a heads up. But hopefully i'll be able to do a smaller project. Wish me luck, cross those fingers, and don't expect too much... ha ha.

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