Thursday, August 13, 2015

My next project


This was my first foot stool that I purchased. It was $5 at an estate sale pretty much around the corner from our house. And I bought it before we even owned this house, so yeah, its definitely TIME to make it over. I look at this and think "Why, oh why, have I not done this yet?!"

So today I took pics of it to show you guys and because this week has been, and will continue to be, so so busy I had to restrain myself from ripping that lovely green fabric OFF. Ughhh, it will be nice to say goodbye to that.

 I have always loved the little detail of the curved corners.
 This is a SOLID stool, and its pretty heavy too. And pretty old, who knows actually. I always try to ask the history on a piece when I'm buying it, but with this one they didn't know, except that for as long as they remembered their grandma, she always had it and used it. So now its time to get this little thing USED again.
 Actually it is occasionally used.
 When its not hiding beneath the MCM chair I reupholstered once. :) Actually I love that it fits just underneath it. Its great for when its not in use and our room doesn't allow for much room in this corner, so its nice to be able to tuck it away sometimes.

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