Wednesday, October 28, 2015

One Room Challenge, week 4

Finally I have some progress to show you guys on the room that I chose to finish for the Calling it Home,Fall 2015 One Room Challenge. 
Click here for week 4.

I finally got to painting this room. Unfortunately I still have some touch up to do and I still need to paint the doors and the window sashes, but the walls, trim, baseboards, and the ceiling are pretty much finished.

This took me pretty much 2 whole days and part of a third. Clearing out the room, displacing our 1 yr old, prepping, painting, clean-up,    ... all of this while trying to do the normal day to day musts, shuttle, entertain and then shutting out the kids, leaving my husband to take care of the chaos, which was worse - because of the "shutting-out" thing, ALL of this just reconfirmed why I was putting this off.  And thank you Sarah for helping me for part of it, those were my most productive couple of hours! Oh and I can't forget to say thank you to my husband who rolled the ceiling for me and helped with a few patching areas and a HUGE thank you for taking care of the kids and putting them to bed without my help 2 nights in a row, love him.

 Okay so on with the show, here is a before shot after I cleared the room and shoved the bigger pieces to the center. Honestly I was not moving anything too big or heavy out of this room. Plus in this small house of ours there wasn't room for it anywhere anyway. So try to see through it all please :)

 I spent my first day just working on the trim, baseboards, and the ceiling, Tuesday I got to pour out this color. It is Secret Scent by BEHR at home depot. you can check back at week 2 to see my mood board with the paint swatch.

I know paint color looks so different when it is wet, but I loved this subtle pink. And the paint went on really great.
 After it was on the wall and started to dry the color began to change to more of the the pinkish purple color i was expecting but much much more bright than I anticipated. Here is a progress shot.
 Then here it is all done. I took these yesterday during the clean-up. It looks a lot more purple here and almost gray in some lighting.  Actually that's why I picked this color, I wanted a pink and a lavender and a gray, but of coarse I couldn't paint the wall all three colors. I was having the hardest time decided what direction to go and then I found this color. It kind of morphs depending on the lighting. all paint does actually, but this one is more obvious. Hopefully it will be fun. SO far I'm liking it more and more each time I go in the room.

 And once I have the curtains, pictures, rug(s), and bookshelves in here the color will hopefully melt into the background and not be as bold to those who first see it.  I want people to walk in and just love it, granted not many guys will feel that way, but you know what I mean.
 And yes you can totally tell that door hasn't been painted yet, really the "white" in this room was so sad and dingy its so refreshing now, actually it makes me want to walk around with a paint brush and fix all if the trim in this old house, too bad its not that simple.
 Another big thing I accomplished this week besides the usual brainstorming, shopping, second guessing, and stuff was putting together these bookshelves from IKEA. You can find out more about them in week 3's post. We'll be taking out the brown bookcase and putting the second Bitrade Ikea bookcase in its place. Also I think those may have to be painted as well, we'll see.

 And here is our cutie Loving her new wall color, she is also happy to have a room again I'm sure.

Now don't go anywhere,

One last thing, I definitely need some help with is the lamp shade on my big brass lamp. It's turned out to be really hard to find a replacement shade. I got this lamp at an estate sale and I immediately couldn't wait to ditch the dated pleated lamp shade. Honestly though if it wasn't pleated at this point I would keep it. But anyway, I thought I could pick up one at Target, but their biggest shade was not big enough, so back to what I need your help with.

Which Lamp Wore it Best?

#1 the original

#2 borrowed drum

#3 big and brand new

If I keep the borrowed shade, its from an old lamp we aren't using, I would either cover it with white fabric or paint it like this DIY here.

Oh and in case if its just as hard for you as it is for me, here are a couple side views to help you/ or confuse you more.

And here are my 2 cents, I'm getting used to the original, never thought i'd prefer it, but do the alternatives look funny? I do not like the pleats though and I don't see how I can change that on this shade. Also the borrowed drum I thought would be big enough but either I've, again, gotten used to the size of the original, or it is borderline too small. And then the IKEA Jara shade I think is the right size but its not quite the drum shape I was picturing in my mind for this lamp, also its big, however still not quite as wide as the original, when I brought it home I was like "THIS IS IT", but it has some issues fitting onto the lamp socket, hence the hand shots, so we'll need to get that figured out.

So that was really a lot to say about some old lamp shades but please I need help, I am in no way a professional here, maybe its obvious, but sometimes you just need an outsider who isn't so involved to state the obvious. I feel like when you are so involved you can become blind.

So again thanks for following along and wish me luck I have to have everything done in 2 weeks! And if you want to check out all of the incredibly talented bloggers participating check them out here, guest participants like me, and the Pro's.

So the rest of this week may not be very productive with Halloween and costumes that have yet to be finalized, gotta prioritize. BUT next week I will hopefully have a TON ready to show you, but what i'm really hoping gets done is:

paint touch-ups and doors
light fixture
clean up or paint? the window hardware and door knobs (this house is almost 100 years old it needs something)
make a decision on the the bookcases, paint? add height?

And if things go well hopefully you'll see these items tackled too:

get art work and frames pulled together
curtains and curtain rods done
baskets for storage

see you next week!


  1. The wall color is a lovely chameleon!

    Shades of Light has a useful page on selecting the proper size and shape shade - hope it helps:

    1. Thank you Merlyn Corcoran, that link was definitely helpful. And thanks for checking out my progress on the One Room Challenge I appreciate your comment.