Thursday, October 15, 2015

One Room Challenge, week 2

The plan:

So this last week I realized that this challenge will actually be a 5 week challenge because when I posted the room I wanted to make over that WAS week 1, and it was over. So now this last week we decided to travel 14 hours away for a surprise birthday party for both of parents. It was SO much fun and definitely worth it, but it also put me behind another week.

So for today I only have a mood board that I created for you, so you an see a little of where i'm going with this. Sorry folks.

Hopefully next week I'll have some progress to show you. Thankfully my One Room Challenge is more of a "refresh/finish". Because starting from scratch would've been much harder to complete by the deadline, however 4 weeks is still fast for all of the things I want to achieve in this room.

Here is my Tackle List:

ceiling fixture (right now its your standard boob light)
gallery wall
art work above her bed
bookshelves (find some ASAP)
larger rug  (layer underneath- can I pull this off on my budget? )
table and chairs refresh (paint?)
lamp (need an updated shade that fits)

So that doesn't look do bad right? Hopefully it will be a breeze...who am I kidding though, this is going to be a lot of HARD WORK, wish me luck and pray that my kids don't get neglected in the mix of it all.

* I will most definitely give credit to the awesome inspiration I drummed up for this mood board, but now my Mom is in town visiting today so I will update it later, thanks for understanding.
And guys, making a mood board is really fun and also takes WAY more time than you expect, just so you know.

Also please check out the other participants over at Calling it Home, there is SO much to see!

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