Friday, June 14, 2013

Wow this house is a LOT OF WORK!

I have been meaning to get this blog going, but life just moves by so quickly.  I originally started this blog with hopes to win a fabulous makeover contest from Vintage Revivals. Then things would've started off so smoothly with a fun big makeover, and then you could follow us on our journey of home-ownership with our own DIY's, repairs, and eventually makeovers.

Well, obviously I didn't win, and so my plan didn't really work out how i'd hoped.

But now I'm ready to begin because this sad basement has started its own makeover, all on its own really!

Unfortunately just not how i'd hoped.

Over Memorial Day weekend we had a CRAZY rainstorm, dropping record amounts of rainfall in just a few hours, after having had rainstorms all week that had saturated the ground, this one was especially bad for us because it all came INTO our basement.  YUCK! After saving toys, TV, and the minimal furniture we have, we began the  FUN  exhausting clean-up process, emptying the shop vac multiple times all with the beautiful/ annoying humming of the box fans.  After a bout a week of moisture, and seeing that things just weren't really drying out, we realized we had a bigger problem.  So Nate decided it all had to come out, so we spent another weekend tearing out paneling, sheet rock, and insulation.  And although it was all happy feelings for Nate, he was just itching to get that paneling out since the day we purchased the house.  I had the worst upset stomach.  I think I was just tired of all of the messes, problems, mold yuckiness, and I was not feeling excited about it.  I just had this feeling we'd be living in "construction" mode for months and months until we could afford to fix it.

 Here's to hoping that doesn't happen...

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