Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New pillows for the porch

A few years ago I made the multicolored pillows in the picture above for our screened-in porch with the cheapest outdoor fabric I could find. Actually with coupons and their close-out sale, I only paid $5 for the fabric and filler for 2 pillows.  They were never really my favorite but they served their purpose. But we've always needed more so a few weeks ago I thought I'd grab some more outdoor fabric from Joanne's to help with comfort and asthetics.  

We also had family coming to visit and I wanted it to be ready in time, luckily this project was a fast one. All I did was cut 2 long rectangles, fold them each in half with the right sides facing in and then sewed around them leaving a hole that was big enough for my hand to stuff it. Then after I stuffed it, I sewed it shut while watching Suits. (Where we are at right now Louis Litt is quickly becoming my favorite character, who knew:) )

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