Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fall 2017 One Room Challenge - Mudroom Makeover

Week One

And we're back with another One Room Challenge! Thankfully last spring when I convinced my husband to let me participate as a guest participant, we made over our home office, and even though it was a whirlwind of fun, stress, and exhaustion he ended up loving the space! We all did. So we wanted to do it again.

If you haven't heard of the One Room Challenge that Linda from Calling it Home created you can learn more about it here, and even join in, there is still time! Its a design challenge where you only have 6 weeks to completely overhaul a room. I love it and look forward to it every spring and fall. Its so fun to follow along with everyone and get inspiration, learn from their mistakes and triumphs, and when you participate you get so much support and encouragement from this community and even make new friends.

Because we built this house just over a year ago we have plenty of rooms to choose from, but we chose THE MUDROOM. And mostly it is because its completely lacking function right now. And this family of 6 needs function.

We moved in over a year ago and you would think by now I would have some sort of hook hung up in there or basket... but we don't. And I'm feeling it you guys. This room has become such a PAIN, especially to keep clean and when it is clean it doesn't even look clean. So its time for that all to change and I'm so excited to get started.

Here are the "before" pictures

The mudroom is pretty open to our main living space. in fact it opens right up into the dining and kitchen area. 

But its not too bad right? ... wait for it.

 There it is, I didn't clean it first but this is definitely a "good day" for the mudroom. It can get overwhelmed with shoes and now jackets which will soon be coats gloves and hats too. So we will definitely be adding more storage. 
 It will also forever be a drop zone for my diaper bag (while we are in that stage anyway), thankfully the baby is 9 months old now so we aren't lugging the car seat in quite as often.
We will keep this old metal cabinet but not in here. I've been wanting to strip the paint off  and uncover its true beauty but its not suited for this room, and the kids love that it holds their little games and activities so they have easy access.

 This builder grade light will definitely be replaced.
And here is the most functional part of the room. 
Our key hooks will most likely stay. The "Hello" sign was made at Pinners conference last fall and although it is fun I'm ready to move it out. And I think you'll like the replacement. The door to the left leads to the garage and the door to the right is our laundry room. 

Join me next week to see my game plan/ mood board and inspiration behind my design.
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  1. What a great space to makeover! I am doing a mudroom too, so I can't wait to see how yours turns out!

    1. Thank you! Definitely following along on yours as well. Love your inspiration pics!