Thursday, October 19, 2017

One Room Challenge: Mudroom Makeover - Week 3

Welcome back everyone to the #oneroomchallenge, an online event put on by Linda from the blog, Calling it Home and her media partner @housebeautiful. And guess what?! I can't even believe it, but it is already week 3 which means we've reached the half way mark!!!?? No way! And you guys, im trying my best not to freak out. 

Of course the room is not even close to being done, so this week will be pretty intense, at least I hope it is so that I can take a big leap forward. I know because this is a mudroom and not very big, Its about 6'x5' , it shouldn't be too hard to complete in 6 weeks. BUT with 4 kids, one who is extra clingy these days and pretty much my worst sleeper and napper to date, he's 10 months old, I'm feeling like I have no time to work on the room.

Thankfully we made some progress since last week.

Here are the links to  
if you'd like to get all caught up and see the "before" and design plan.

Last week I wasn't sure what wallpaper to get but was leaning towards the grasscloth, which by the way - THANK YOU to all of you internet helpers, I really appreciated your thoughts here and on Instagram. But I ultimately decided to stick with it and pulled the trigger yesterday and placed my order. I also found the same, or what looks to be the same paper on Joss and Main for a better price so that was exciting.

Hopefully it will turn out wonderful in this little, but highly used space. 

So I had my wonderful Dad come over last week and we came up with our measurements and this little sketch for the built in and bench we are planning on putting into the mudroom. It was SO helpful to talk it through with someone who has done this before. I thought I had a pretty good idea of what to expect, but I quickly realized I was forgetting things like how the width of my shelves would have to be figured into my spacing for how high I wanted each one to be. Make sense? Probably a rookie mistake, and who knows when I would've realized it, but thankfully my dad always has my back.

Then on Saturday we were able to get started, definitely not in my Dad's timeline, he's not really following the 6 week challenge and didn't see why I wanted to rush, but he was so so sweet and changed his plans for me, Love you Dad!

 He even went to the store and bought my lumber that morning, which was only two sheets of plywood. (so far anyway) One sheet with both sides looking pretty and the other with just one side looking nice (that piece will go against the wall and saved me a few bucks.)

Can you see the wood grain? this one was the cheaper plywood, where the picture above this one was the more expensive. Different types of wood so the grain looks a little different, but you'll never know because most of it will be painted white.

 First we needed to build the carcass, by cutting the 2-8 foot tall pieces, and then we measured and routed where we wanted the shelves, cut the shelves and then assembled. Sounds so simple, and it was because we had a pro helping us.
And believe me, what took us probably a couple hours to build would've taken my husband and I probably 2 days. I'm positive we would've run into little hurdles or have to go buy more lumbar from mistakes. Thankfully we were able to avoid that with the help of a master craftsman.

 This is where the carcass was looking like a coffin. Who knew these words would be used to build my built-in?

Starting to make sense now.

This is the back, where we ended up adding some left over bead board that my Dad had left over from his own projects.

Then later that night we brought it home, I cleared out the space for the first time since moving in a little over a year ago, and now the room looks SO BIG... to me anyway.

And voila! We still need to get it actually built-in, painted, faced, and then start on the bench and hopefully another shelf, but it was so fun seeing it in the space.  It definitely helped me realize visually how much space we'll have and STORAGE space, what we need most.

Each of the kids were SO excited and were calling dibs on which shelf would be theirs. 

So what do you think?

Like I said, half way?! The room has a lot farther to go. I'm getting really excited though that we are SO CLOSE to having a finished functional space, but will we finish by week 6?

We better! If you are loving following along, like I am, with all of the room makeovers click over here to see all of the other guest participants, I'm sure they are doing better than I am with their time schedule.

Also if you'd like to see even more you can follow along with the 20 selected professional participants here who update on Wednesdays. So many inspiring designers, and spaces.

And Thank You for stopping by, hope you come back next week when hopefully much much more progress will be made. And I will definitely post more updates this week on Instagram if you'd like to follow along.


  1. Yay!! so glad you went with the wallpaper! it will be stunning when you are done in 3 weeks!

    1. Thank you for your help, and I definitely hope so!