Thursday, October 12, 2017

One Room Challenge Mudroom Makeover - Week 2

Here we are at week 2 of the #oneroomchallenge. Just a quick reminder that we have Linda from Calling It Home who is hosting and responsible for this fabulous biannual event! I've been loving all of the participants that I have been able to check out so far. Definitely have chosen a few favorites to follow. You can check out the other guest participants, like me, here

And here is a link to week 1 if you'd like to see the space we will makeover.

And if you didn't know, there are 20 professional bloggers that have been chosen to participate and they update every Wednesday, you can check them all out here, and you guys... They are all SO good! Actually I'm so so excited about who was chosen this time ( The Makerista, The Painted House, Little Green Notebook, Old Home Love, ...just to name a few) and can't wait to see how their rooms turn out.

Unfortunately not much has happened in the actual space to give you a picture update. I did have the rug I ordered show up, its a beauty but now I'm second guessing if its actually going to work with my existing floors.

My sweet Dad ordered some old hooks for me off of eBay. I was telling him what I wanted, he showed me some and I said "yeah like that" and then next thing I know he ordered them for me. Can't wait to see them, hopefully soon! I'll definitely update you on my Instagram if you want to follow along.

So now lets get into the inspiration pics that I promised you. 


Our mudroom needs lots of storage, something our whole home is lacking, but especially important in the mudroom where all of the kids drop everything when they come home.

We are going to have a similar set-up with a built in bench and built-in on the left side to hold baskets that will hide all of the necessary mess we create each day. I'm really loving these new leather handled baskets at target.

We will also be doing the same shiplap we put on our office ceiling, here in the mudroom, on the back wall where the bench and hooks will be. Because we had some leftover and wanted to tie it in throughout the house. (we have a little on our kitchen island and the fireplace.)

This next image is one of my favorites and I can't get it out of my mind. I LOVE so much about it, but especially want to recreate the wooden pegs, and hopefully the leather cushions, if not for this challenge then some day in the future.


I also love the dark built-ins with the leather pulls, but for our mudroom we need to keep it bright and open, and I want it to flow better into our kitchen and great room which is very light and bright.  So we are going with white.


But don't worry there will be some color that I'll pull in from the wallpaper.
I'm so excited about this you guys! However I can't decide if I want to play it safe with something subtle because I have plans for something more bold and whimsical in the adjoining laundry room, or use a pattern that would be more interesting and fun.


Here are a few wallpapers I am debating. (By the way, all of these are peel and stick, so they are easy to install, not messy, and easily removable when I decide to change things up)

blue grasscloth , chevron lines (don't judge at "chevron", this is a good one, I promise),

Please let me know what your favorite is. 

I think it will really help freshen up my rug, if I keep it, the ivory background turned out looking more muddy :( but it really is a great quality and beautiful rug. It may just be my gray laminate wood floors that make it appear "muddy". 

So what do you think? Hopefully this gives you a better idea of where I'm going with this. And the projects are finally starting tomorrow, lumber and paint here I come. Hopefully I can make those trips without all of my kids this time around. :) 

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  1. love wallpaper and that grasscloth is beautiful!! looking forward to seeing it installed!